Rebel CT7 FlexRay

Rebel CT7 FlexRay

Compact, Configurable Data Logger
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The Influx Rebel CT FlexRay compact data logger is ideal for development applications that requires up to 7 vehicle CAN 2.0 networks, FlexRay and additional LIN data.


The standard Rebel CT FlexRay includes an internal 18Hz GNSS module and a 3D accelerometer.


The Rebel CT FlexRay can optionally be upgraded to include GNSS, 3D accelerometer, 3D Gyro, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE. 

 DiaLog Configurator is available free of charge and allows configuration of Rebel data loggers as well as recorded data export to CSV and MDF formats. This version does not support the advanced features such as xCP/CCP, graphical data analysis, live data viewer and recorded data merging.

 DiaLog Standard includes a powerful built in data analysis tool and graphical live viewer of the recorded data. Exports recorded data to various industry standard formats.

 DiaLog Plus is ideal for engineers that use ASAM xCP/CCP protocols or require the FlexRay network support. In addition, Dialog Plus is required for connecting to the remote fleet management ‘StreamLog’ server.

 DiaLog Gateway, for configuring CAN 2.0 gateway functions.

 Module Analyser Lite for intuitive analysis of CAN network and OBD/UDS functionality

(Upgradable to Module Analyser Standard or Module Analyser Plus for advanced functionalities)

 J2543 Pass thru drivers available.

Key Features:

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7x CAN

3x Lin

2x FlexRay

3x Digital I/O

4x Analog Input

High quality GNSS

Internal GNSS module with socket for external antenna.

18Hz GNSS with 1 KHz xyz Accelerometer.


■ Internal GNSS module (Up to 18Hz refresh rate, socket for external antenna)

Internal 3D 1kHz accelerometer and 3D Gyro module

Internal 4G LTE module

Larger capacity data storage SDHC cards available (Up to 128G Byte)

■ Extension cable to connect CAN 0/PWR to vehicle OBD Port (9 Way D Sub to OBD)

■ Rebel Dash display for real-time CAN messages and signals display


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