ReXgen Air

ReXgen Air

Remote CAN-FD Datalogging Solution

4/2x CAN/ CAN FD with 
LIN, Digital & Analog Inputs
4G(LTE) Cloud Connectivity

Delivered with ReXdesk -intuitive, configuration and analysis software

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ReXgen AIR: Wireless. Scalable. Configurable. Open platform.

ReXgen Air is a compact, robust, accurate and costeffective solution specially designed to become part of your fleet during production.

A progressive system that works on LTE CAT1. A data logger with on-board processing and telematics capabilities connects machines to the cloud or stores data locally.

Allows the encryption of data logs with Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA).

An open platform that can be supported by any 3rd party tools and can be integrated into any data system. Supplied with a free powerful graphic interface application tool.

ReXgen Air provides you with the freedom to build your Hardware Configurable system to maintain your data.

The ReXgen AIR features to manage sensitive data:

  • Mountable enclosure
  • Data is stored securely on a non-removable embedded EMMC
  • Data encryption
  • Real-time clock to timestamp data for analysis

Supports LTE Connectivity with AWS S3 & FTPs for File Transfer and Over the Air updates

Use your ReXgen Air device to securely upload your data logs to cloud servers using AWS S3 & FTPs for File Transfer and it:

One interface:

  • Supports AWS time stream  
  • Supports InfluxDB format
  • Let’s you set up dashboards for monitoring uploaded data using  Grafana
  • Upload real-time snapshot of CAN signals
  • Supports Over the Air Configuration and firmware Updates
  • Transmit heartbeat with device info, device status, storage used
  • RTC time & config-details

Free tools for data conversion and Management: 

  • Free data conversion utilities and Conversion of .rxd files to various third-party software
  • Free Open Source ReXcloud platform for managing devices and data via your browser
  • Free data convertors, CLI based/ .net DLL for converting RXD into RXE, ASAM MDF (.mf4), CSV, MATLAB, ASC, BLF, TRC
  • Free open source asammdf software & API, DBC converting & plotting MF4 data
  • Free open-source AWS Lambda, Example Application for data processing/ Supports AWS time stream/DB to integrate with third-party dashboard

Sleep Mode to save vehicle battery

Power Down Mode:

Deep Sleep Mode when no activity detected.


Deep Sleep Mode when no activity detected.


Wake up the logger when specified


Wake up on ignition, KL15, external switch etc.

Key Features:

  • Supports industry-standard DBC files
  • Supports CAN and CAN FD (both ISO and non-ISO)
  • Supports standard and extended messages
  • Triggers, on parameter value or CAN Identifier
  • J1939 Identifier formatter and DM1
  • CAN error logging and Live CAN trace viewer
  • Fast data retrieval and export to other format files
  • Software Operating System: Windows
  • Modern, easy-to-use display with drag & drop interface

Easy-to-use configuration and data handling software for ReXgen…

ReXdesk is our freely distributable software configuration and general-purpose software tool to work with ReXgen. It is designed to make CAN bus data logging easy.

ReXdesk supports multiple DBC files enabling configurations that includes filters and log on parameter values.

This software is designed to support ReXgen through its entire lifetime, with tools for:

  •  First-time ReXgen set-up
  • Preparation and configuration for data logging
  • Data retrieval and conversion, with live data viewing


Key Features:

Feel free to click the Icons for more info

4/2x CAN / CAN FD


Interface ReXgen device to your CAN/CAN FD buses
  • Auto-detection of bus speed
  • 4/2 CAN / CAN FD
  • Minimal or no data loss
  • 20000 CAN messages
  • Create periodic messages
  • Silent mode.
  • Advanced bit timing
  • Standard and J1939 filters
  • DBC library
  • CAN error logging
  • Supports down-sampling of CAN buses

eMMC Storage ( 8/16/32 GB)

MMC Storage:

Multiple storage options for your crucial high-speed data
  • Vibration resistant
  • Immune to data loss
  • Safe
  • Options to choose from 8 to 32 GB
  • FIFO
  • Supports Cyclic logging

USB 2.0 Interface

Open API:

Manage every aspect of the ReXgen device
  • Device API: – Library to manage device functions
  • Conversion of .rxd file to various third-party software
  • Free data conversion utilities
  • J2534 protocol support- the device can work as a pass-thru
  • For more info Click here

1x LIN

LIN Bus:

Interface ReXgen device to your LIN buses, LIN protocol version supported 1.3 & 2.0
  • Selectable/customisable bus speed

  • Works in Master and Slave mode

  • Configure schedule tables

  • Supports Loading of LDF 

2x Digital Inputs

Digital Inputs:

ReXgen series has built-in support for digital inputs with a maximum sampling rate of 1KHz
  • States- 0 & 1 

  • Possible use cases: connect switches to control logging

  • Monitor the status of a digital sensor/switch that is not in the CAN bus

2x Analog Inputs

Analog Inputs:

ReXgen series comes with n inbuilt support for highly accurate Analog inputs with a maximum sampling rate of 1KHz
  • Input range ±10V

  • Option to config formula (scaling and offset

Possible use cases: Connect external analogue sensors like, 
  • Pressure sensors

  • Potentiometers

  • Displacement sensors

  • Torque sensors etc

4G (LTE)

LTE CAT 1 Connectivity: CAT1(standard speed)* (depends on network) :

  • Nano sim
  • FAKRA antenna
  • Data transfer to Cloud
  • Device health update Ota
  • OTA firmware update
  • OTA Config update
  • A real-time snapshot of CAN signals


Functions ReXgen Air
CAN Interfaces

4/2 x CAN 2.0/CAN FD
ISO 11898-1: Compliant with CAN (up to 1 Mbit/s)
ISO & Bosch CAN FD (up to 8 Mbit/s)
Conforms to CAN protocol version 2.0 – part A, B Max 20000 MPs
Meets the requirements of ISO 11898-2:2016 &
ISO 11898-5:2007 physical layer standards

CAN/CAN FD Functions

Supports custom baud rates
Supports CAN/CAN FD Bit timing selection
SAE J1939 support (Source Address, Destination Address & PGN Filters)
Silent Mode Configurable
CAN DBC Support

LIN Interface

1 X LIN (up to 20k Baud with LIN-Compatible Output Driver)

PC Interfaces
Rugged Micro USB 2.0 (Datalogger mode and J2534)
Data Storage Capability
8/16 GB Inbuilt eMMC storage
Supported Protocols
CAN Monitoring (RAW CAN signals, SAE J1939 support)
Trigger on a CAN ID, Trigger on Parameter Value
Trigger on DM1 counter
Data Storage format
FAT32, Log files accessible via ReXdesk software
File Format Supported
Data Logger Configuration
Supplied with Influx ReXdesk configuration software, XML based
BUS & Signals Operating Voltage
Power supply – OBD
+4.5 to +31V
Power supply – USB
+4.5 to +5.5V
Function Description
Transceiver Protection

Bus fault protection: ±58 V
Thermal-shutdown protection (TSD)
Under-voltage protection




L – 100mm, W – 73.5 mm, H – 27.4mm

164 Grams
Mounting Holes
4 mounting holes and screws
Environmental Tolerance
Working temperature +40decC to +85degC, Humidity max 90%
Power Saving
Wake Up On CAN, Power Down Mode, Sleep Modes
Power Consumption
Normal Operation: 87 mA at 12V
Power Down Mode: <2 mA


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Frequently Asked Qestions

What are the supported data formats?
CSV, MF4, MAT, ASC, blf
Can we monitor live data?
Yes, options for Live trace are available.
What are the main features available with ReXdesk?
CAN live view, filter, trigger, sleep modes, DBC option.
Why is ReXgen not getting interfaced with the RexDesk?
Please ensure that you have installed the driver. If not, you can find it under the Influx technology folder under the start menu